Scott Uzzell

President & GM

How long have you been with Coca-Cola?:

16 years, 8 of which have been with VEB

What do you enjoy most about working with VEB?:

Answering how we continue to add what’s “new and next” to the great Coca-Cola Company portfolio.

What do you admire most about the entrepreneurial spirit?:

There are no barriers to impacting the world. Creative ideas executed in the market place can change the world. There’s no limit to what can be accomplished when you have confidence and conviction.


Bachelor’s degree in Business from Florida A&M and an MBA from The University of Chicago

If you weren’t working at Coca-Cola, what would you be doing?:

Tough question—I love what I do. If pushed, my second love is studying marine life and animals in remote areas of the globe.


Golf, skiing, cycling and anything that involves family time.

Scott Uzzell
There are no barriers to impacting the world.”