Kellam Mattie

VP Marketing & Innovation, VEB

How long have you been with Coca-Cola?:

I joined VEB at the beginning of 2017, after a decade as an entrepreneur! However, this is my second stint at Coca-Cola. I first started with the company in 1997 (when I was just a child)!

What do you enjoy most about working with VEB?:

Constant change & the challenge of exploration! Staying ahead of the curve, predicting and adapting to future trends and a shifting market requires us to be curious, resourceful and brave. It is hard work, but a lot of fun.

What do you admire most about the entrepreneurial spirit?:

Entrepreneurs are fantastic because they operate with intensity, passion and determination. They make decisions and are comfortable taking risks. They believe in creating a better option, a better world. And – because of this, Entrepreneurs get things done!

If you weren’t working at Coca-Cola, what would you be doing?:

I would love to be a fashion designer. I’m a visual person and I love to create.


Too many interests, too little time! I make jewelry, I paint, I play tennis and I love to be outdoors.

Kellam Mattie
Be stubborn about your goals and flexible about your plan.”