Heather Faire

VP VEB Still Beverages, Strategy & E-Commerce

How long have you been with Coca-Cola?:

10 years

What do you enjoy most about working with VEB?:

The unknown… what will the next innovation be? Who is the next brilliant entrepreneur that we will learn from and will make us better? How will the new employees and teams we work with help shape our business and culture for the better?

What do you admire most about the entrepreneurial spirit?:

It reminds us that failing is the new winning! The biggest successes, advances and breakthroughs were built on noble failures and learning. And failing, recovering and learning from failure together, makes us better and stronger as a team.


Bachelor of Science at U of T (Toronto not Tennessee people!)

If you weren’t working at Coca-Cola, what would you be doing?:

Spending time with my teenagers, traveling, studying history, binge watching missed TV series, styling friends and family….


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Heather Faire
I love the end to end nature of VEB and the holistic approach to building brands.”