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Is VEB part of The Coca-Cola Company?

Yes, Venturing & Emerging Brands is a business unit inside The Coca-Cola Company.

Will VEB invest in my brand or company?

VEB has made investments in multiple beverage companies. Each opportunity is done on a case-by-case basis, but there are criteria that must be met, including: The brand should meet a strategic fit. Please see How We Think to get a high-level view of how VEB approaches its portfolio. The brand must also have reached the outlined "Proof of Concept” phase. Please reference How We Think to see how VEB considers phases of development.

I have a wonderful beverage brand that I know people will love but I need distribution help. Will Coca-Cola ju class='question'st help me distribute my brand?

Typically Coca-Cola/VEB does not distribute independent beverage brands.

I have a wonderful idea for a beverage brand. Who can I talk to about my idea?

Though we support and encourage beverage industry entrepreneurs at every stage, from a business perspective, we tend to work with brands who have commercialized their product and are in the “Proof of Concept” phase. Please reference How We Think to see what we consider the phases of development to be. We also welcome ideas at www.cokesubmit.com

Does VEB invest in technology?

While The Coca-Cola Company has teams that invest in technology, VEB is specifically tasked with investment in beverage brands. However, if you have a technology idea, please visit www.cokesubmit.com and we will try to connect you to the right team within the organization.

What does VEB look for in a brand?

As reviewed in How We Think, we are always on the look for disruptive innovation in the beverage world. Though there is no single way to define what we look for in a brand, we often ask ourselves whether it meets a consumer need, whether that be today or in the future.

How can I talk to someone in VEB to find out more information?

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